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My Favourite Things #19

Stuff in the mail
I'm one of those people who always get excited when the mail has come and I love going out to the mailbox to get it even though there might not be anything for me (but you never know).  There was however a little something waiting for me when I checked the mail on Wednesday.

I mentioned last week I won a giveaway from Laura Loves Beauty Blog and it arrived in a pretty pink box! Inside were all the beauty goodies as well as some goodies to eat and there was also a sweet little card.  I'll do a post about what was in it next week.
Possible Holiday
My parents are selling a house that they rented and did up and my Dad said when the house is sold there's going to be a trip to the Gold Coast. I thought nothing of it as the house was on the market for a while and it looked like selling it was far off and also because my Dad has promised a trip to Australia ever since I passed NCEA Lvl 1 around six years ago so I wasn't sure he was that serious.  Fast forward like a week since I heard him say that and all of a sudden the house is almost sold, applications for passports are on the table and Mum and Dad are looking at accommodation online. I think this plan is actually serious. I'm really excited, it won't be till the middle of next year but it would be my first trip overseas and will be a nice break.
Taylor Swift - Shake it off
I know I'm not the only one that is obsessed with this song, it took me a couple of listens but now it's one of my favourite songs so much so I bought it and is now on my IPod.  I love to just listen to it when I'm feeling a little bla and it just puts me in a good mood and I can't help dancing and singing along to it.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! Tonight Mum and I are off to see the Illusionists 2.0 and I'm really excited. I really loved magic when I was younger and even got one those magic box sets from the Warehouse. I never got the hang of them though and just gave up eventually...

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