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Matching Nails and Lips

It's been a while since I've posted and it feels kinda strange... I've taken a well needed hiatus from blogging to try and concentrate more on what felt like never ending assignments that were due one after the other.  Anyway, I'm back! I've only got a test on Thursday then I'm done till exams kick in.
I know I'm getting less stressed when I decide to paint my nails. Over the last couple of weeks the thought of doing them felt like a chore and the idea just repulsed me.  Yesterday I felt my nails were bare and boring and felt like doing them.

As usual when I go to pick a colour I think that I really need to get more colours and also that I have a number of reds.  As you can see I went for a red but is more of a orange-y red. It's from Collection Cosmetics and is 'Lady in Red'.  The colour is nice, it's pigmented so you cold get away with one coat but I usually go for two.  It doesn't have great lasting power, it's already started to chip on my left hand but what can you do.
While I was painting them I thought that the colour was a almost perfect match to one of my lipsticks.
This is a Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Love that Pink which is more a red pink than an actual pink.  I wore it all day on Saturday, unlike the nail polish it has great lasting power which had a little help from Lily Pebbles and her tips on How to make Lipstick Last. So yeah, it pretty much lasted the whole day with a few touch ups which I did out of boredom.

Yesterday my fam and I went for a little trip in Pukekohe and of course I had to have a look in Farmers.  I only came away with a plain, black short sleeved shirt but was something I really needed as I have none and really goes well with some skirts I have.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! Hopefully the blogging will be more regular from now on but was nice to have a little break.

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