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Feel Unique Spree


A couple of weeks ago during my little online shopping spree in which I bought stuff off a couple of sites I paid a visit to Feel Unique and got some bits and bobs to try out.

Zoella Beauty Makeup bag/Pencil case
I like a lot of others were excited about the launch of Zoella Beauty and as soon as I got my allowance I knew I wanted to buy one of the cases.  As you can see I got the pink Guinea Pig one, it's so cute and I just love pink and the white polka dots.  It's pretty big, big enough for my brushes and other stuff so I'm really happy with it.
Tanya Burr Lip gloss in Afternoon Tea
Yet another famous beauty YouTuber's line which I had to get my hands on.  I had a hard time picking a colour, they were all so pretty, so ended up with this one.  The colour's very lovely, a soft shade of pink and it smells like lollies! YUM! It's very pigmented compared to other lip glosses I've had so you can just wear it on its own.
Rimmel Kate Moss 107
I've been wanting this lipstick for the longest time. I was going to buy it when I went to Farmers but there was none left, so I resorted to buying online.  The colour is amazing, a rich dark red which I am obsessed with, I'm pretty sure I want the colour in every brand of lipstick or lip gloss HELP.  My life now feels somewhat complete now that I have it.
Hope you all enjoyed this post!

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