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My Favourite Things #26

Passing my courses
Ever since I finished my last exam I've been checking every so often to see if my grades are up.  Yesterday they were and I passed everything which means I now have my BA! It's weird to think that it's over, I still feel like I need to pick my classes for next year and that the end is a long way off. I've applied to do honours (I have no idea why) so yeah, I had nothing else to do and the classes sounded exciting.

Auckland Christmas Bloggers Brunch
So every month there is a bloggers brunch were bloggers have brunch obviously and just meet and talk about blogs and other stuff I guess, I've never been to one before.  For December there is a special Christmas brunch and I bit the bullet and bought a ticket! I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I've never met anybody in person, just through twitter, and I'm not the best in social situations so hopefully I won't be too terrified to talk to anyone.
1989 Polaroids
I kind of went a bit overboard when this album came out. I first got it on iTunes, listened to it and got obsessed with it. My obsession then went up a notch when I went out and bought the physical deluxe copy of the album.
These beauties are pretty much the only reason I got it.  They're just so cool. There is 13 in each packet and every album has a different set which is bad for me as I want all of them but can't justify buying heaps of albums *sigh*. I'm not sure what to do with them, I've seen people put them on their walls so maybe I'll do that so they're better appreciated. I now really want a polaroid camera so I can have a wall covered with photos.
Hope you all enjoyed this post and have a great weekend!

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