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Once'it Purchases


Sorry there wasn't a post on Friday, I didn't feel like blogging so decided to take a day off.  Today's post is a another edition of my online shopping spree I did a few weeks ago.  For some reason I decided to visit Once'it and when I saw the Revlon sale I knew I would be buying something.

When I first looked through I thought I was going to get a lipstick but decided I had too many and went for a couple of lip glosses instead.

I got two Super Lustrous Lip Glosses; the one on the left is in Pearl Plum and the one on the right is Pink Pursuit.  They're not as pigmented as the Tanya Burr glosses, they give a light colour to the lips which make them perfect to go over a lipstick.  They're perfect to just chuck on to give your lips some colour and gloss.

I also saw a sale on hair ties/band things which I thought were really cute. They came in a number of colours but I went with the striking black with a colourful floral pattern.  I'm still figuring out how to wear it but will be a good summer accessory.

Hope you all enjoyed this post! xxx

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