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My Favourite Things #27

Auckland Art Gallery
Yesterday my friend and I paid a visit to the gallery as we both wanted to see the Light Show which is on at the moment.  It is AMAZING. I've always been fascinated with light and love how movement, water and illusion was incorporated to make the works come alive.
We also wandered around the rest of the gallery as we hadn't been in a while, we had a play with the lego's, my creations ended up falling over and breaking :( We also had a fun time in what I think is more of the children's area buut it was the best.
Here's me playing with thee lights
New Dogs
Last Sunday my family ended up with two new dogs. It's been exciting having something new around the house but I don't think the cat will agree.
The Black Lab is Molly and the fluffy one (not sure what breed) is Buddy.  Buddy is more chill while Molly is more adventurous, she is always jumping over the fence so she has to get tied up.
Christmas Lights
Christmas is my favourite time of year, I just love the whole atmosphere and I especially love Christmas lights on houses. My Dad has put lights up on a tree and the fence at home, he really wants some icicle lights and an inflatable Santa, I think I likes Christmas as much as I do. 
I love houses that go all out for Christmas such as the ones we saw last night at Karaka. There are two houses which are lit up. The owners in one of the houses have a sleigh and they do rides for children. The other one is amazing, the lights are programmed to light up with music and there is a screen that has images on it relating to the song.
This is a video I took of it last year
Hope you all enjoyed this post and have a great weekend. On Sunday is the Christmas Brunch Club. I'm both excited and nervous to meet everybody so hopefully I won't be as socially awkward as I usually am.

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