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Sacred and Profane Love - Titian


I'm trying to make art posts more regular on the blog as 'arte' is part of the blog's name.  Today's post is on another art work I studied for my exam and is of the similar nature as the Venus of Urbino and was done by the same artist.

Like the Venus of Urbino this work relates to the event of marriage with the two women representing the two types of love; Profane on the left in her traditional wedding gown and Sacred on the right which is more classical and represents sexuality. The painting represents both earthly and heavenly love.
The painting was commissioned for the Vice Chancellor of the Venetian Republic, his Coat of Arms are on the sarcophagus. The Coat of Arms of his wife are on the silver bowl.
The two figures; the bride and the Venus, are thought to represent the same women which represented the ideal women and would have been a model for the bride. The bride looks out, signalling martial consent. Behind the bride an angel is encouraging water from a spout and combined with an image of a Stallion on the sarcophagus represents male sexuality and the importance of child bearing.
Hope you all enjoyed this post!

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