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Christmas Gifts 2014


I'd thought I would share what I got for Christmas as I'm always interested in what other people got for some reason.

Pretty most of what I got were chocolate/lollies and they're pretty much all gone now... I'll just mention the interesting stuff.

From the Parents..

Alarm Clock: I think my parents are trying to hint at something... Seriously though I do actually need this. During the holidays my sleeping cycle is just messed up, don't even want to say what time I woke up today.

Ring: This is one my favourite gifts. I just love bows and in the middle is a tiny diamond which my Mum had to mention as I never noticed it. It's just soooooo pretty.

Phone: This was my 'big/main' present. I put it on my list but I never thought I would get it so I was surprised.  My old phone was just annoying, it was old so it couldn't get any new updates and it was also pretty bulky and my thumbs were too big for the screen.

The award for the present I wasn't expecting but love the most is this, a new desk chair.  The photo is bad, it's more of a darker purple, but it's a purple chair! How cool.  Anyway for sure this is the present I will use the most, I'm even using it right now.

I also got some new pyjamas, earphones which I really needed as my others stopped working and my siblings and I got some Australian spending money for our trip which I am really excited about.

From the siblings..
My brother got me a ITunes voucher which was much needed. I wiped clean my IPod and put all my music back on. I've been meaning to do it for ages, feels good.

My sister's gift was really surprising but awesome.

How did she know!!! Seriously though how did she.  She's not really that interested in makeup, my Mum might have possibly told her but oh well it's awesome.

One's a matte and other is more glossy. 

The one on the right, the matte, is Showy Flamboyante and is a pretty pink shade and is perfect for summer days.

On the right is Vivacious Exuberante, a glossy pink red, a colour perfect for Christmas. I wore this on Christmas day and is what I'm wearing in my profile picture.

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

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