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My Favourite Things #30

My Favourite Things is back for 2015!

Finding a new blog design
For a while now I've been wanting to give the blog a makeover.  I've been searching for designs, mostly on Esty, and there is so many to choose from! I know I want it to be simple and classic and not be too confusing.  Looking at the designs makes me more excited about blogging which is good.  I'm also thinking of changing the blog's name, I'm not sure yet.
Just a little inspiration from Pinterest
New Twitter follower
So yesterday Shaaanxo  asked her followers to tweet her their favourite video of hers (does that sound right?) So I did and then I checked Twitter and I was like OMG! SHE FOLLOWED ME!!! I was seriously freaking out but only internally, I was on the couch with my sister and Mum and they would have thought I was weird. So yeah, that was the highlight of day/week.
Buddy got a haircut
Our dog got a haircut today. I posted a photo on Facebook but I'll put it on here too as his cuteness just needs to be shared.  He's also very soft and looks 10 years younger.

Hope enjoyed this post and have an amazing weekend. My sister has a rugby tournament at the Mount tomorrow so I might go to that as I have nothing else to do.

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