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My Favourite Things #31

Liner Note Kids Shirt
This T-Shirt brand is designed by NZ YouTuber Charli Marie who is now living in London.  I loved the designs so much I bought one before the cut off date.  As you can see I got 'High-Def Hopes and Dreams'. I just love the typography and the design of it, I know I'll be wearing it a lot.
Phone Case
On Boxing Day I checked out Ebay and found some cheap phones cases and bought one which turned up this week. Of course it's pink, it's a hard case so hopefully it will protect it but I very rarely drop my phone (hope I don't jinx it).
Disney Vlogs
Lately I've been watching a lot of YouTube mostly vlogs by Pixels and Pixie Dust which are two sisters from Auckland who are obsessed with Disney.  One of the sisters, Megan, is currently dong the Disney International College Program which is something I really want to do and have applied for (eek!) So I've been enjoying learning what it will be like.
Hope you all enjoyed this post and have an amazing weekend!

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