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My Favourite Things #32

1 Day Beauty Deals
1 Day is an awesome website which has three different deals which last for one day.  Last week they had some beauty deals which I had to have a look at. I was so tempted to get a O.P.I set but ended up just getting one thing.  They had three Maybelline Volume Express Mascaras for $20 which I thought was a great deal as one is basically $20 anyway.  I needed a new mascara so now I've got some backups.
Love Tanya
This is Tanya's first book and I wasn't planning on getting it but when she started sharing images from the book I had to get it. The photo's are all gorgeous and I love how bright and pink the cover is.  The books a mix of everything; recipes, beauty tips, fashion tips and other things. I'm really excited to read it.
Getting out of the house
Uni hasn't started yet and over the break I've just been at home all of the time. Yesterday I ventured into uni to go to the library *yawn* but it was nice to have a change of scenery and just walk around the city.
Hope you all enjoyed this post and have a great weekend! xx

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