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My Favourite Things #33

My passport finally came today and I'm really excited to have one. It's my first and I'm really fascinated with it.  Thanks to it being black and white I look very washed out in my photo, oh well.
Typo Diary
On Tuesday I went into Uni for an orientation thing and while I was there I thought I would go into Typo to see what diaries they had.  I was about to go for a blue/green one but then I saw this gorgeous peachy pink one, I love it.
Typo Letter
While I was there I saw these stick on letters. While I didn't need it I got one because it's pretty and I have no control. It's now stuck to my door.
Hope you all enjoyed this post and have an amazing weekend! Next week is the start of the first semester of uni, I'm a bit nervous but also looking forward to doing something that's not lounging around all day.

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