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Naked Basics Palette

I bought this last year as a gift to myself to celebrate me getting my degree after three long years.  I've always heard amazing things about the Naked Palettes and I want them all but I decided to start small so I went for the first Naked Basics. 
I haven't used them yet as my eyebrows are horrible so I just avoid the area all together and also I have no idea what I'm doing. The shades are neutral and gorgeous so they're perfect for everyday wear.
I love Venus, it's the shimmery one of the palette so need I say more. I have a weak spot for all shimmery things if you didn't know.
Other than that I love W.O.S and Naked 2. W.O.S is what I describe as skin colour (I'm not good at this) and Naked 2 is a warm brown and is just overall gorgeous.
From swatching it they're very buttery and have great pigmentation so I'm excited to try them out.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! This is pretty much the most expensive makeup item I own and I was very excited when it arrived.

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