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Skinfood Mud Masque


I'm in a couple of beauty Facebook groups; Makeup Obsessives and Everything Beauty Related - Shaaanxo and I'm not sure whether it was one or both but I've been seeing this mud masque pop up very frequently with rave reviews.  I of course had to try it, you can get it at the supermarket but I bought mine online. The masque itself is really cheap, there was free shipping and I got a free head band and a number of samples.
Skinfood is a New Zealand brand and is made in NZ. The mud masque is made with mud from Rotorua which is pretty cool.
I've used the mask a couple of times and I really like it.  The product is really smooth and goes on really easily.  The only downside is that it makes my eye water, yes that's right only my left eye waters which a bit weird.  When it fully dries I can literally not move my face and I can see all the blackheads on and around my nose.  It comes off easily with water and my skin doesn't feel dry afterwards but smooth instead.
Hope you all enjoyed this post!! xx

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