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Birthday Gifts

Last Friday I turned 22.  While I spend most of the day at uni doing assignments :( I had a nice chill day.  I thought I would share what I gifts I got.

The first gift I got was a ring from my parents as well as some money.  The ring is gorgeous, as you can see it's silver with diamonds and I really like the design. It's different but elegant.  Mum was very pleased with the price of it, she left the receipt in the box accidentally so I saw and it was a good price. 
My parents and my brother gave me some chocolate so had a nice little stash as you can see. Most of it is gone now though...
My Grandmother sent me a little notebook to write in birthdays and anniversaries which is cute. My Aunt gave me some spending money for Australia which was awesome. More Shopping!!!
My friend gave the loveliest gift ever. It's a small canvas with an old fashion kinda design print of the Eiffel Tower. It's so gorgeous especially the ribbon to hang it on the wall.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! xx

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