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February Review

Like I said last month I can't believe that it's already March. The year is going way too fast. Uni started today, my first class isn't until tomorrow so today I'm mentally preparing for it. It's also my birthday on Friday so this week is very busy.

Here are the posts you may of missed last month.

Skinfood Mud Masque
I've heard how great this is via beauty groups on Facebook so I decided to try it out and was not disappointed.

Naked Basics Palette
I bought myself this as a little present for getting my degree and am excited to use it.

Venus and Adonis - Titian
An Art History post was long overdue and this one is one of the paintings I'm looking at studying for my Honours paper.

Red Red Red
While looking through my lipsticks I discovered a recurring theme, red. These are most of my red lipsticks.

Feel Unique #003
Another purchase from Feel Unique in which another red lip colour was bought.

Bloodlines - The Ruby Circle
A little book review of the last book that makes up my favourite book series.

Hope you all enjoyed this post! xx

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