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NZ Sale #001

For a long time I've been wanting to get my hands on some Essie nail polishes. I've heard great things about them but the price of them in NZ just put me off.  A couple of weeks ago I saw Cass tweet that she got some off NZ Sale for just $5, I of course jumped onto the site and bought myself a couple. They came the day before I went to Australia and I quickly painted by nails for the trip.
They didn't have much selection but I wanted to go for colours that were a little different.  I don't have any greys or darker colours in my collection so I decided to go for these two.
Miss Fancy Pants is the light grey colour. It's a nice neutral colour and was the one I painted my nails with.  The brush is the perfect size and the polish goes on so easily but you have to make sure you don't have too much on the brush as it runs.  It's very pigmented that you could get away with one coat but I do a second one just out of habit.
Bobbing for Baubles is a dark blue grey colour which is gorgeous.  Like I mentioned before I don't have any dark colours, I mostly gravitate more to bright reds and pinks, but I felt like something different and lately I've been more obsessed with neutrals and dark colours.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! I got a few other Essie polishes while I was in Oz and I'll do a post about what I got next week :D xx

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