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Schwarzkopf BB Hair Repair

The first week of the semester is always interesting. First there's more people at uni then there will be for the entire year and during O-Week there are numerous of stalls wanting you to sign up.  There is also free stuff which is what I like to hunt out.  This year the stalls overflowed into Albert Park and as I was walking through I got given this which was cool.
I've never used a BB cream for your hair, I never knew they actually existed.  This is a Extra Care Hair Repair BB 11 in 1 Hair Beautifier (that's a lot of words). 
According to the back of the bottle it provides:
Split Ends Protection
Silky Softness
Diamond Shine
Frizz Control
Strength Against Damage
Immediate Detangling
Natural Volume
Deep Nourishment ...  as well as other things.
You apply it to the mid-length and tips of your hair when it's towel dry and you just leave it in.  I haven't used it that much to see any results (sometimes I forget it) but the formulae is creamy and light and it smells amazing.  I can't wait to see if it actually works as my hair breaks so much it's not even funny and lets not talk about the frizz...

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

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