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Shoes #002

So these days I kind of have an obsession with boots.  I'm pretty sure I can thank Vivianna Does Makeup for that as she's almost always wearing her Ash Boots which I love and want a pair for myself. 

A while ago Number One Shoes were having their buy two get one free promotion thing, I went in to have a look and the next thing I know this happened.

Just look at them <3 <3 <3

Bronte Boot - Tan
I actually have this style of boot in red which I got for my birthday last year and I swear they're the most comfortable shoe ever.  I was understandably super happy to see the boots still in store without the red ones though.  I decided on the tan ones as they just looked the nicest and you always need some tan boots.
Cynthia Ankle Boots - Black
These caught my eye when I walked past them, mostly because the were black which is what I needed and it didn't have too much of a heel which is also what I needed.  This boot also comes in in a grey/brown but they kinda looked more cowboy-ish especially with the belt detail, trust me the black looked better.
Hearsay Shoes - grey/brown/whatever colour you call it
There weren't any other boots that really spoke to me then my Mum found these. They're just a nice casual shoe which my Mum pointed out would be good to wear about while we're in Australia.  I'm not really sure what colour they are, it's like a grey/brown.

So these are my new babies. It was even better as the boots were already discounted so all three shoes totalled to the price of one pair of boots. YAY FOR SALES.

Hope you all enjoyed this post! xx

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