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Childhood Jobs

So last week my Uncle had a birthday party and while I was there I had this conversation with my young cousin.
Her: Do you go to college?
Me: Yeah, I go to university.
Her: Is that where you go when you want to learn what you want to do?
Me: Um, yep.
Her: What do you want to do?
Me: Um something to do with galleries and museums.
Her: Oh, that's big... I want to be a teacher
It was cute to hear that she wanted to be a teacher especially since her aunt, my cousin, is one.
It got me thinking about when I was young and all the jobs I wanted to do when I grew up. When I thought about it I realised I went from one direction to another.
The first job I can remember I wanted to do was to be a dentist. I have no clue where it came from especially at my Primary School there was a separate building for the dentist when they came and the students all called it the murder house.   I also don't like blood that much and people's mouths are disgusting so I have no idea what caused me to want to go into dentistry.
I was creative when I was younger and I would come up with little short stories as well as paint pictures. Calf Club was my favourite time of year as went spent most of the time doing our art which was to be judged.  When I started high school I knew I wanted to do something with art, maybe even become an artist. From I think Yr 12 I decided I wanted to do design and even thought of studying it at Uni.
In the middle of Yr 13 I did a complete 360 and just started to hate design, I realised that I wasn't very good at it. My love then went to Art History which I also took in Yr 13 and then majored in for my BA and now I'm studying it at Honours level.
I have a lot of interest that I want to pursue. Art History; working in a museum or gallery is one of them as well as tourism. My dream job would be working in a museum/gallery somewhere in Europe and being able to travel a lot.

Hope you all enjoyed this post! I'd love to know what you wanted to do when you were younger. It's interesting to see if you've stuck to it or completely changed.

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