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Dealing with Stress

As far as I can remember I've been a very anxious person. I get anxious and stressed about many things; social situations and school/uni are probably the main two I deal with.  I just overthink and stress about everything, most of which is out of my control.  I'm no expert on how to deal with stress but I thought I would share how I deal with it.
I'm doing Honours at uni and like with my BA I procrastinate pretty much all of the time. I can't concentrate on work for long periods of time and end up spending hours on YouTube. Procrastination of course leads to less time to actually do work which means I have to rush and be stressed about it all. 
But sometimes procrastination can be good. It gives your mind a break from thinking about a certain thing and when you return you'll have fresh eyes to then figure out what you were doing.  Ever since uni started I've been trying to figure out the main argument of my big research essay. I've seen what's already been done but for the life of me I can't come up with something that hasn't been done already (though I think I've solved it now). 
On Sunday instead of hiding away in my room on my laptop I went out to watch my sister's football game. It was really good to get out of the house, outside and into a new environment. I gave me a chance to breath and not have to think about work.  Getting outside and going for a walk is great as well and it's exercise, good for your body and your brain. 
Like I mentioned before I like to escape stress by watching long amounts of YouTube, vlogs mostly as other people's lives seem more interesting than mine. 
Listening to music also helps, it takes my mind of everything and I just tend to sing along and dance. 
Binge watching TV shows is also something. I've recently started watching Charmed again from the beginning. Who remembers that show? I loved it when I was younger, think it was something to do with witches. Also Game of Thrones is finally back! God I've missed it.
And of course there's online shopping which isn't good for my bank balance but hey whatever makes you happy and for me there is nothing more exciting than getting presents in the mail.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! Like I said before this is how I deal with stress, you could do totally different things which is great.  P.S Some online shopping came today and I am supper happy!!!!

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