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Gemstone Collection

I'm obsessed with pretty things, from clothes, makeup, jewellery and also gemstones.  Every year my family and I used to go to our section in Pauanui and after the New Year there would always be a craft fair.  There was always some good stuff but my favourite stall was the one selling the gemstones.
Cass had written some posts on her collection which I love so I thought I'd share my collection.
Purple Amethyst
I'm pretty sure this was the first stone I got, I was wanting an amethyst.  I knew amethysts brought good luck and also healing and protection apparently.  The fact that it is purple was also factor in wanting to have it.
Rose Quartz
I just love the colour of the stone, a pretty baby pink which was entirely the reason why I got it.  Rose quartz is associate with love and apparently can balance emotions and bring peace and calm. This stone sounds perfect for me.
I've always wanted a moonstone, they just looked so mystical and pretty.  I got a little info sheet with it and you're suppose to leave outside during a thunderstorm so it can 'charge'.  These are healing stones and can be used to cure sickness. This sounds very useful especially now it's starting to get colder.
Pink Heart
I'm not sure if this is another rose quartz stone but it's gorgeous.  When I saw it I knew I had to have it.  It's lighter in the middle and darker pink on the edges and is heart shaped. It's smooth, shiny and is just nice to look at.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! xxx

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