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Gold Coast Memories

I warn you now this post is predominantly made up of photos.  These photos trigger memories of my trip to the Gold Cost, the places we'd been, the sights, the heat.  I had the best time; we mostly shopped, went to Sea World as well as Movie World and we came across a snake which we have now learned wasn't Australian and is now somewhere in the Gold Coast.  Anyway enjoy!

Where we stayed was an apartment building rather than a hotel. We were on the 26th floor (eeek! Mum did not like it at all) and had views of the ocean as well as the city.  On the city side we could see the trams and across the road there was a mini putt and two crazy rides. Pretty much every night we could hear screams from people on them.  I loved the view, especially at night when it was all lit up.


Hope you all enjoyed this post! xxx

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