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Once'it #004

You all know I love to procrastinate and one of the things I love to do is online shopping. So one day I decided to have a look on Once'it and to my delight there was an Essie sale! I debated on it for a couple of days but finally gave in and bought a couple.
There was quite a lot to choose from but none of the colours really caught my attention but then I spied something glittery and pounced.
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I've wanted this colour ever since I saw it on Cass's blog and I couldn't find it anywhere else.  The colour is gorgeous, it's a deep red and the glitter just makes more magical.  I was surprised when I put it on as it's more like a regular polish in that it's solid, not just glitter that goes on top of another colour.
Stroke of Brilliance
I was tossing up between this one and a gold one but went with this one as the blue just calls to me. It's my favourite shade of blue and it's sparkly, win win all round.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! xxx

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