April Review

Monday, 4 May 2015

March Beauty Box
I got a beauty box from Beauty Review and shared what goodies were inside.

Aussie Buys
I went to the Gold Coast and of course had to do a little shopping.

Gold Coast Memories
Photos from the Gold Coast which remind me of how much I enjoyed the trip.

Class Trip Billy Apple
Had a tour of the exhibition with the curator, was probably one of the best classes ever.

Dealing with Stress
I deal with stress and anxiety pretty much everyday and I share how I deal with it.

Once'it #004
I kind of have an Essie obsession and when I saw Once'it having a sale I couldn't help myself.

NOTD: Essie Blanc + Stroke of Brilliance + Toggle to the Top
Some nail combinations with my new Essie colours.

Childhood Jobs
Reminiscing on the jobs I wanted to do for a career as a child.

Gemstone Collection
Sharing my little collection of gemstones.

That's what was on the blog in April! Hope you all enjoyed this post xxx

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