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Farmers Haul #001

So last week my Mum and I went on a little trip into Farmers in hopes of finding a dress for Graduation. SPOILER ALERT: we didn't find one buuuuut I did find some other stuff which I liked and bought home with me.

Zeest! Weekend Grey Cardigan
I love this thing, I've pretty much worn it everyday to uni. It's long sleeved, warm, is really long and it has pockets.  It's one of those cardigans you put on and snuggle into when it's a cold day.
No Issue Leather Jacket
I've wanted a leather jacket for the longest time but just couldn't find one I liked. I loved this as soon as I saw it.  There was only a few left and thankfully there was one in my size.  It also has a hood but you can remove it which I thought was pretty cool.
Urban Precinct Pink Jumper
There was only one left and was a bigger size than I would usually get but then I was like it's a jumper the bigger the better. So yeah. The colour is a bit of a giveaway why I love it, it's soft and in the front you can see a floral design which I thought was pretty.
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
I've been looking everywhere for this. Both my local New World and Countdown don't have it at all so I was feeling pretty defeated.  While at Farmers I decided to see if there was any and there was ONE BOTTLE LEFT. So naturally I took it before anybody else could. It's amazing, pretty similar to my $45 makeup remover.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! Farmers where having a sale at the time so some of these things were discounted YAY xoxo

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