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Once'it #005

Guess who's back!! So it turns out I'm crap at time management and I can't physically manage to juggle too many things at once.  It also didn't help that I've been taken down with a cold so last week was not good overall. 
I did however manage to pull myself together and head along to a Bruchclub on Saturday. It was at Jack Tar in Wynyard Quarter, I'd been there once before at New Years Eve but only for drinks.  I was typically boring and had toast with peanut butter. I've been getting back into peanut butter and I'm loving it.  We were split into two tables so unfortunately I couldn't chat with everyone, next time hopefully.

You've seen these types of posts before, I randomly decide to have a look on a website and end up seeing things I love and have to have.  Of course I happened to look when the sale was about to end so I quickly had to decide what I wanted to buy.

I got two things; a pink quartz necklace and a postcard set with some amazingly designed quotes.

When I saw the necklace I just had to have it.  There were other gemstone necklances but this one just spoke to me and I had to have it.  I also couldn't go past the price, I'm pretty sure it was at least $200 off.

You could get a couple of these as well as other designs in A3.  I was so tempted to get one but decided on the postcards as I could get most of the designs and plus I don't have much wall space in my room left so an A3 print would not have fit.
I just love the designs and the quotes.  They're pretty motivational and are indeed words to live by.  My favourites are "Decide Commit Succeed" and "Put on Some Lipstick and Get your Shit Together".
Once'it always have some great sales going on, it face I spotted some just now... It's not good for my bank balance.  You can check out the awesome sales HERE (you can only access it once you've been invited and signed up. Here's your invitation, now you have no choice but to shop :p)
Hope you all enjoyed this post! xxx

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