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Beauty Sale 2015

Hello everyone! This week was the first week of semester two so I am done with my placement, handed in my dissertation draft and my catalogue assignment. Hopefully I can start to make time for the blog as it needs some love.
So about a month ago my aunt brought me along to a pretty big cosmetics clearance sale.  She took me to the same one pretty much the same day a year ago which I blogged about here.

As you can see I pretty much got the exact same things I bought last year.  This time however I knew how amazing the Elizabeth Arden Makeup Remover is so I bought two bottles which were only $10 each.  One is already open because I couldn't just not wear mascara.
I kinda described the scents of the perfumes in last year's post so check that out; I pretty much copied and pasted the 'official' description. I'm horrible at describing scents, all I know is that they smell amazing.
I also bought a bigger bottle of the Juicy Couture for my Mum as it's her favourite perfume and she ran out.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! xx
P.S: Why has it taken me so long to think of using my bookshelf as a photography set for blog photos.  The idea pretty much occurred to me last night.

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