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Killing Monica - Candace Bushnell

The lovely people at Hachette NZ sent me another book to delve into, Killing Monica* by Candace Bushnell.  The book is by the same author as Sex and the City as well as the Carrie Diaries so I was excited to see what the book had to offer.
Book Summary
The story is kinda similar to Sex and the City in that is focus's on Pandy, a successful author who is living in New York City.  The story delves into her life and her love/hate relationship with Monica, the character she created which has taken over her life.
All is not well in Pandy's world however with her ex-husband sinking his teeth into her earnings, her loyal agent Hentry is losing patience and her soul sister, sidekick and saviour - actress SondraBeth Schnowzer who plays Monica - has betrayed her.  It begins to look like the only way out for Pandy is killing Monica - even if it kills her too (Blurb at the back of the book).
I read this book over a long period of time so it kind of felt like the story dragged on for a while and only got interesting and also strange at the end.  There are flashback chapters which shows Pandy meeting SondraBeth, their relationship, how it fell apart as well as with her husband.
Like I mentioned the last part of the book was strange and it almost felt like a different book. However I did like it as the story picked up and becoming more interesting.  With any story a good one surprises you and I definitely got a surprise at the end in relation to Pandy's mysterious sister. For a while afterwards I was like what? Did that really happen? It also made me want to read the book again with that knowledge.
Overall I really enjoyed the book, Pandy was an interesting character. She's a forty something year old writer but at times while reading you could mistake her for a twenty something year old by the way she acts and talks.
                                                                  *This book was sent to me but the review was all my own opinions
Hope you all enjoyed this post xx

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