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Life Update

Sooo I haven't been blogging, sorry. I kind of underestimated 1. How much 60hrs is, which is the amount of time I have to do for my placement and 2. How I'm a serial procrastinator and basically didn't do any work on my dissertation for the first half of the break.  I'm really bad at this.

I thought I would do a little life update post as it's something different and someone might find it interesting.

As I mentioned I'm doing a placement as part of my course throughout the semester break.  I am a 'Heritage & Research intern' at the Auckland Central Library and I've really been enjoying it.

As part of the placement I've been writing blog posts and editing Wikipedia pages.  With the Wikipedia pages I have just been copying information from previous blog posts on the Library's blog and adding it in and linking back to the library.  The blog posts are really interesting, I blog about items in the Sir George Grey Special Collections. There are a lot of cool stuff in there that you can look at.  I've done two blog posts; one on the 150th Anniversary of the publication of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and the Rossdhu Book of Hours.


It was amazing to physically see and handle these books.  The library has a first edition of 'Through the Looking Glass and what Alice saw there' as well as a copy of the original story before it became Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
Looking at the Rossdhu Book of Hours was really amazing. I had studied Books of Hours at uni and to actually see a book from the 15th century with my own eyes was surreal.  The books typically have actual gold leaf to decorate the pages which makes them sparkle in the light. 
So along with that I'm trying to get myself to write the draft of my dissertation. It's not going well, procrastination is something I can't fight *sigh*.  I also have a catalogue assignment to do as well and there's so much reading. I actually can't wait for the start of semester when I can be done with it.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! xx

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