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Makeup.co.nz #002

So I think blogging will only be once a week kinda thing for a while.  During the semester break I'm doing a placement for one of my papers and I have to do 60 hrs.  So I'm going in three times a week and the rest of the time is made up of me combating procrastination and trying to get my dissertation done (the draft is due at the end of break eeeeek). So yeah that's pretty much my life these days.
I do however always seem to make time for some online shopping. When I saw Makeup.co.nz had free shipping on all orders I had to have a look. Never one to turn down a great shopping opportunity I found a couple of things and made my way through checkout.
As you can see my love for anything red or berry coloured is still strong and I got these two.
Maybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil
I've been hearing many people rave about these pencils so I headed straight for the Maybelline section.  The colour is in 510 Red Essential (of course) and oh my god it's amazing.  It's like a lipstick but it's a pencil which kinda blows my mind.  First of all it smells amazing, like lollies, part of why I love it is because of that.  With it being a pencil you would expect to be quite drying but it's actually very moisturising. It goes on easy and doesn't dry on your lips which is a major plus for me.
Australis Velourlips
I've been wanting one of these for ages so I had to pick one up.  The colour is in Doo-Bai and is a dark berry shade which I love.  It's very similar to the Lime Crime Velvetines in that it dries instantly when you apply it.  It's great in that it doesn't smudge and lasts pretty long.  I also love the applicator as well, it's easy to outline your lips and then just fill them in.
Australis on the left and Maybelline on the right
One thing I've noticed with the swatches is that while Velourlips dries instantly the Maybelline Lip Pencil doesn't. Like I said it's very moisturising and at the moment it has smudged off my hand while the Velourlips has stayed put.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! Makeup.co.nz also now have the Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks which I have also heard are amazing so maybe that will be my next haul.

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