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Monday, 17 August 2015

The week before last I wrote a post about the exhibition my class was involved in.  The opening was that Friday and I went along to it.  The weather was horrible, there was a lot of people but I enjoyed it. This was the first ever exhibition opening I've been too and was a cool experience.  The exhibition my class worked on, Camouflage, is on till the 26th of September.  There is a catalogue which goes with the exhibition and I'm in it! We all had to write around 500 words about the artwork we were given, it's a cool experience to see your name in print.

In other exciting news I got a part time job! I'm working at the Rembrandt Remastered exhibition at Smith and Caughey's.  I'm up on the 6th floor when the art is. I had my first shift on Friday, there wasn't much people so I mostly just walked around.  I should remember to bring a book or some work to do.  If any of you are interested you should definitely come along!

Hope you all enjoyed this post xx

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