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Boot Obsessed

Well this is a familiar sight. Guess who got herself another pair of black boots.  I'm obsessed. I just love boots ok. I love winter fashion; skirts, leggings, boots and coats. I do however hate the cold.
Like a moth to a flame Farmers was having a sale a couple of weeks ago and of course my Mum and I went along. Our local Farmers doesn't have much variety of shoes but I've always seen these ones and loved them.  On that fateful day shoes were half price so it was too good of an opportunity to miss.  There wasn't much left and the fact that there was a pair in my size means it was meant to be.
I just love the style, you could dress them up or down and the fact that they're black means they pretty much go with anything.
The only thing I don't like is the laces, they're very long and they often come undone when you tie them.  I need to find some better laces or I could try wearing them without any. We shall see.
Hope you all enjoyed this post xx

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