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Dreaming of Wanderlust

For the longest time I've had wanderlust, ie a strong desire to travel. This desire only increased when I went over to the Gold Coast in March and now that I have finished my degree and have no plans at all for next I find myself wanting to just get out of the country and explore.

'Dreaming of Wanderlust' is a little travel series which I thought would be cool to do where I write posts about countries and tours I really want to experience. Basically I'm creating a travel bucket list for myself.

One of the things I like to do is to go on travel websites and plan imaginary trips. It's fun but it also reminds me that I need money which entails me to have a job *sigh*. Like with anything these days it's much more easier and accessible to do things on apps. The website Webjet: Aus link here**, NZ link here**, which is great to look for flights/hotels/cruises etc, now has an app which allows you to window shop imaginary trips if you're anything like me.
The app is really easy to use which is great cause for me if something is too hard to figure out I just don't even bother. The screenshot above is of the flights section and as you can see there are separate sections for return, one way, multi city and you just add in all the other information. As you can see I played around with it pretending I'm gonna go to LA.

As well as flights you can also book hotels and hire cars. The app even has a flight tracker which is cool, you just put in the flight number or just search any flights between two destinations. Overall the app is simple to use and can aid you in your wanderlust daydreaming.
You can get the app from iTunes** as well as the Google Play Store** and it's free!! Yay for free things.
I would love to know what dream holidays you all want to have. Please tell me I'm not the only one who window shops flights. xx
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