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Reveal Candles

I'm a part of a couple of Facebook groups which are all about beauty as well as one about lifestyle. I'm pretty sure it was via the lifestyle group which I first saw Reveal Candles mentioned. The candles come in a variety of delicious scents but the thing that really got me, as well as everyone else on the Facebook group, is that there is a ring hidden inside which could be worth $10, $100 or $5000. As a kid I loved lucky dips, you never knew what you were going to get so needleless to say this really appealed to me.
After much deliberation I went for the French Pear scent. A couple of days after ordering I received an email from Reveal Candles saying as there was such a huge demand for them (thanks to the Facebook group) I would have to wait a while to get it. They gave me an option to get a refund which I thought was great but I decided to wait it out as I had to have one.
I pretty much had it light almost everyday and it smelled amazing, it wasn't too sweet and it just smelled nice. Like with perfumes I'm really bad with describing scents. Slowly but surely I eventually uncovered the ring.
I got one of the cheaper rings, if the ring is worth $100 or more it comes with a tag stating its value and mine did not come with one. I still love it though, it's gorgeous. I love the blue heart and the clear stones along the side. The best thing about it is that it actually fits my finger, I think my fingers are bigger than the generic ring size so I was pleased.
The candles are $39.95 + shipping. There are a varity of scents such as Fairy Floss, Fresh Linen and Wild Watermelon.

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