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Christmas Wish List 2015

The older I get the more harder it is for me to figure out what I want for Christmas. Usually I want a lot of things but trying to narrow it down is hard and I just come to a blank.
These are some of the things that I can be sure that I would like. You might see a couple of repeats from last year but they're just items that I always covet.

I just basically want everything from Typo. I went in to have a little look with the mind-set of gifts for my family but I ended up seeing things that I would like. Typical.

At the moment I have a small collection of Essie polishes which I will love to expand. Lately I haven't been motivated with painting my nails so hopefully a new shade will inspire me.
I have a number of perfumes on rotation and am always looking for some new ones to add to my collection. I've never owned a Marc Jacobs perfume, I would love to have one. Their scents are amazing and their bottles are just gorgeous.
Frankie Magazine
This magazine always has the most beautiful cover and the inside is no different. It covers music, photography, fashion, travel and art which are all things that I love.
Hope you all enjoyed this post! Would love to know what you hope Santa will get you this year. I still need to do some Christmas shopping... eek. Buying for my brother is so difficult when he just buys everything he wants anyway *sigh* I'll figure something out.

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