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Christmas Gifts 2015

Hello 2016. I hope everyone had a great New Years. I was in Wellington and I'll do a little post on Friday with pictures and possibly a video if I can get my act together.
I enjoy seeing what other people got for Christmas so once again here's a post dedicated to what I received this past Christmas.
LED Fairy Light Orb
This was from my sister and I think it's pretty cool. I love having light's in my room, I have an orb which changes colours and some flower fairy lights. When I first saw it I thought the whole bulb lit up but it's just these little lights around it.
Remix Magazine
This came in a pack of two, the other one was from last year. Unfortunately I didn't get a Frankie Magazine, I'll have to venture out and find one.
Colouring Book
Colouring was my favourite thing when I was younger, I'm so happy it's back in my life.
Juice Up Slim Pocket Power Bank
This is one of the practical gifts I received. Just charge this up and you've got a power source for your phone whenever and wherever you need.
CK One Shock for Here Perfume
This gift was from my aunt, I have never had a Calvin Klein fragrance before so was a bit nervous if I would like it or not. I love it, it has a very citrus-y floral scent (I'm no good at this) and is great for summer.
Sony Digital Camera
I use to have a small camera but it stopped working and I've been wanting another so I can take pictures without having to carry around my large one. My parents got it in pink, which I am very excited about. I took it to Wellington and got a couple of snaps as well as videos which I plan on making into a vlog. I'm not sure about how good the video quality is though, I'm still to figure it all out.
Tom Tom Multi-Sport Watch
Yet another thing my parents managed to get in pink. I definitely want to get more fitter this year, so hopefully this will motivate me. I just have to figure out how to work it though...
Hope you all enjoyed this post! I also got some vouchers which are always great to receive. I would love to know what cool stuff you got for Christmas  xx

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