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Magic Unicorn Necklace

So last week my Mum randomly gave me a necklace. At first I was confused, then she told me to look at the card before I saw the necklace. I was intrigued so I had a look. It's a magic necklace guys. There are a number of different charms you can get representing money, travel, love, getting yourself seen or protecting you from others. Mum got me the dream charm.

Before putting it on you have to hold it in your hands and close your eyes. You are to visualise your dream and imagine the charm glowing as it attracts your dreams to you. Sounds easy till you have to think about what you want and realise you have no real idea.

I love that the charm is a Unicorn, I have a soft spot for mythical creatures. I've worn it non stop since I've got it, mostly because it is hard to get off and on so I just leave it. It's a good length for me, just sits on my chest. Who knows whether it will work or not, guess I'll have to wait and see.
I'm not entirely sure where my Mum got it from, I think she said she got it in Pukekohe.
Ashley xx

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