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My Favourite Things #36

Kit Kat Gooey Caramel
These were my favourite chocolate bars in the world and then they had to go and stop making them. I was not happy to say the least. Since then I've been contended with just an ordinary Kit Kat until I saw them at the Supermarket.  Needless to say I was very happy, not even going to mention how many I've consumed so far...
Blue Sandstone Necklace
I just realised this was in the last My Favourite Things post but it's still one of my most favourite things I own so it deserves a second mention. Late last year Ellen and Tara from Shop Style Conquer opened a store which you can check out here with some gorgeous stone and crystal necklaces. Just looking through them all makes me want to get another necklace.
Design Life Podcast
Design Life is a show about design as well as side projects for motivated creators. The show is hosted by Charli  and Femke and each show approaches a different topic or issue.  While I'm not a designer I enjoy their discussions about side projects which make me think about mine (this blog) as well as the possibility of more. Every time I listen to an episode I'm inspired to do more and make better use my time.
Hope you all have a great weekend, I would love to know what are some of your favourite things at the moment.
Ashley xx

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