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Removing Makeup for the Lazy Girl

I admit, I'm a lazy person. I always try to look for the easiest option in a situation, this applies to everything including makeup. When deciding whether or not to put on makeup I fast forward to the end of the day when I have to take it off. Usually the thought just makes me depressed so I forego it just so I don't have to go through the process.
I first heard about the Trilogy Make-up be Gone Cleansing Balm through Cass's blog, she loved it so I was wanting to try it out. As luck would have it the balm turned up in the September Beauty Box which I bought off Beauty Review.

I prefer this to using makeup remover and cotton pads as you just rub it all in your face and using a damp cloth just wipe away the makeup.  Easy. I follow this up with a cleanser and moisturiser.

The balm has a lot of amazing this in it including mango, coconut and rosehip. It's smells great and my skin always seems to good after I've used it,

The Cleansing Balm  retails for $38.90 online. Trilogy has amazing products which are worth trying out.

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