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Aesthetic is pretty much my favourite word. I first remember hearing it in my Art History class during Yr 13 and how we should make use of it. I love this word in two ways: it's definition and also the way it looks, I'm kinda weird like that with words.
Using the word as an inspiration I thought I would share blogs/Instagram accounts that I feel have great aesthetic.

Image from Kate La Vie
Kate always the most beautiful photography on her blog. Her photos are clean, minimalist and are just all round photography goals. Her Instagram is equally stunning which deserves a follow.
Image from CassandraMyee
Cass is the queen of the flatlay photos. Try as I might I never seem to be able to successfully master them. Like with Kate her photos are clean, minimal and all round goals. Once again her Instagram is worth a follow especially for the beauty lovers among us.
Image from Symmetry Breakfast
I remember hearing about this Instagram account through a blog post but I can't remember where from. For as long as I can remember I've always loved symmetry and had to have things be symmetrical. This account pretty much feeds that desire as well as having some stunning photos of food which looks straight out of a cook book.
I first heard about this blog from Caitlin and as I looked through I fell in love. Every single photo is gorgeous and really fuels my desire to get out with my camera and capture what's around me.
Ashley xx

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