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Marble & Rouge

If there's a few things I love most of all it's these: red lipstick, marble and gold. I pretty much can't resist. Another weakness of mine, free shipping. If I see those two words I'm guaranteed to want to buy something. This occurred a couple of weeks ago when Sephora NZ had free shipping all weekend. I felt obligated to get something so investigated the products. It was hard for me to chose but I ended up picking up a Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain cause I remember Lily Pebbles saying she loved it. And because it's me I got the shade 01 Always Red.

So far I've only worn it once but I already love it. It goes on smoothly, it doesn't dry out my lips and I can barely feel it while it's on. It also lasts very well and doesn't go patchy which is a big plus for me. The only problem for me is that it kind of runs when I apply it so I need a lip pencil underneath and total concentration when applying. I have this problem with most liquid lipsticks though, my lips don't have a natural defined line so it bleeds onto my face.
I also did some more shopping, this time giving in to my other loves. I often go onto Once'it to see what deals they're got on, this is dangerous especially when it involves stationary and marble. When I saw these notebooks I knew I just had to get one. There was lined and unlined ones as well as a variety of words and sentences on the covers. The type is in gold which once again sealed the deal for me. I decided to go with 'Oh the Places You'll Go' cause it gives me wanderlust vibes. It's so beautiful I'm hesitant to write in it. However I have found another use for it, as a background for photo's I put on my Instagram. Who doesn't love a marble background.
Ashley xx

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