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Birthday Gifts 2016

It was my birthday not that long ago so I thought I would share what I got. Posts like these are cool to look back on, especially since my memory is horrible.

 I have a bit of a sweet tooth so I was very happy when I saw my favourite lollies ever, The Natural Confectionary Strawberries and Cream.  There were two bags as well as some chocolate but unfortunately they didn't make it in time for the photography session, R.I.P.
I got some new pyjamas which are really cute. The top looks very similar to one I use to have so I presumed it was a every day top. When I saw the pants I realised that it was a set, the pants are long but they're light so I could start wearing them.
I got a Pharmacy Guild Gift Voucher from my Aunt. I've tried looking online but I can't figure out where I can use this. Is it any Pharmacy? If someone knows the answer to this I would love to know.
My favourite gift of all was another gemstone, I'm slowly growing my collection. It's a stunning blue colour with variations of shade throughout. The centre is glittery and magical and I literally jumped up and down when I saw it. My sister forgot the little information card but I think she said it repels negativity.
Ashley xx

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