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BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo Palette - First Impressions

Lately everyone has been hyped about Kylie Jenner's Liquid Lipsticks and I admit I would like to try them out. However actually getting one is very stressful so I opted to buy something else I really wanted to try, the BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo Palette. This was way more less stressful to get and wasn't even that expensive which was great, I think I got it on discount as well (there's still a discount).

The Palette comes with nine eyeshadow and lip colours. I really like the design of the packaging, pink with gold lettering and also how the eyeshadow and lip colours are on alternative sides. Each side has a mirror with the eyeshadow side being larger.

These are just first impressions from the swatches I did, my opinion might change when I try to apply them properly.

First off I really liked the lip shades which are included; there's a combination of nude colours with some bright pinks and reds. Some of the lipsticks are more pigmented than others, the bright orange red on the top row had more colour payoff than the two more demure shades to its right. Colour wise the only disappointing thing was with the middle red on the bottom row, in the palette it looks like a dark red but swatched is more a pink. The colour I'm most excited about is the darker red on the bottom right corner, I just think it's gorgeous.

The texture kind of reminds me of lip balm in the little jars, they're sticky and you have to swirl your finger around to pick up the product. Obviously it will be better to use a lip brush which I will endeavour to do later.

I honestly bought the palette more so for the eyeshadows. I love the shades included with them being more neutral and earthy toned. A couple are also shimmery which is a big plus in my book. The first couple as you can see are quite light and not as pigmented as the darker shades below. The lighter shades would be great to highlight with and to just add a little something something. I really love the darker shades especially the copper orange and gold. Swatching them the shadows seem buttery, can't wait to properly try them out.

Shannon has done a Soft Bronze Daytime Makeup look using the palette so you can check that out to she how she uses the shades as well as a Overview & Swatches video.

Hope you all enjoyed this post. If you have this palette let me know what you think.

Ashley xx

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