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If I were on a Boat...

A while ago I put a picture up on Instagram of my outfit cause it occurred to me it looked like what you would wear if you were on a boat. Or at least what I think you would wear on a boat, my only knowledge is from TV shows where everybody wears light colours. The clothes were recent purchases from Farmers so I thought I would share them. 

This is the outfit in question. I think the skirt is mostly giving me the boat vibes, it kind of has stripes plus the rope tie really gives emphasis to the whole boat thing. This is now my favourite skirt, it's not usually what I would go for (skater) but I just loved how neutral it is and it kind of scallops out at the bottom. The top was on the sale rack for $10 and is just a plain light blue shirt. There was only XL sizes left so it's a bit big on me but I like it.

This top was also $10 and is just a plain grey shirt. Lately I've been more into more grey/neutral tones with my clothes, I think they look more simple and chic.

Ashley xx

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