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March Review

How and why is it April already. It's not that I don't like how fast the year is going just how everything is moving forward while I'm still, in the same place as I was at the start of the year. You could say job hunting isn't going too well but thankfully the blog keeps me busy and kind of feels like my full time job at the moment. 

I ventured to Auckland for the day and took my camera along to practice this vlogging thing. Sidenote: I found Windows Movie Maker, I swear I looked before but I couldn't find it. Anyway it's easier to use that the other editor that came with my camera.
Also I added a link to my YouTube channel in amongst the other links on the sidebar. It would be awesome if you subscribed. For some reason if you're not subscribed it says there's no content which is annoying.
Early March is generally when uni starts back so I thought I would share some tips which I learnt from my time as a student.
I started this little series last year and thought what better than to include Disney. I'm a bit of Disney fanatic, I would love to be able to visit every park as well as go on some cruises.
I'm a March baby and I'd thought I'd continue the tradition of sharing what gifts I received.
A couple of new Essie colours were purchased and I was compelled to decorate my nails.
Saw a great Essie deal online and just couldn't help myself.
A couple of overdue book reviews. I need to start reading faster.
All sale items has another 50% off, it's a win win situation.
Ashley xx

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