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April Review

Another month, another review. I say this every month but time moves too fast but yet I stay constant. I only hope this month can dislodge me from my solitary cycle. Something that is happening this month (this Friday in fact) is my graduation. It's my second one so I know how it all works. I'm excited, I miss the atmosphere of university. Here's what happened in April.

Setting myself some reading goals for the month. I've read/am currently reading all but two, I think that's pretty good. I'll be doing another for May.

A post I've not done before. It was nice doing something different, music is a big part of my life.

Some new clothes from Farmers when combined kinda gave me boat vibes.

Was stuck what to do for a post so I did this. It's nice to have a post summing up what I was feeling at the time.

Some more book reviews for your viewing pleasure.

Was feeling spendy so purchased this. Haven't properly used it as of yet but shared my first impressions.

Rounding off the month with my favourites. Includes art, books, beauty and TV.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Ashley xx

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