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Getting Out of the House

I'm horrible at planning/time management hence why I tend to do posts they day that they are to go live. Today I was stuck as to what to do, nothing seemed to inspire me and creatively I was at a low. I really wanted to share what I did yesterday, I filmed some short clips but I'm lazy and couldn't be bothered editing it today. That idea led me down a path in which I ended up here. Writing about how it's good to get out of the house, a mental health day, even if you're a social phobia introvert like me.

I'm someone that likes a plan, sometimes spontaneous events give me anxiety and I spend too much time overthinking. Tuesday night I saw on the Auckland Museum Facebook page that they were having a tour of their archives and showing some pieces the next morning. This is something I'm really passionate about, being able to work with items in an archive is my dream. I debated whether or not to go: on the one hand I really wanted to, on the other I hadn't mentally prepared myself for a day out. I decided to go, went on the tour and it was amazing.

The Laocoon at Auckland Museum

As I do not have a job I spend all of my time at home and I kind of get stuck there. I also don't have a car and am only on my learners so I can't go anywhere without someone else. As well as that I'm an introvert and a homebody and just prefer staying at home hanging out with the dogs. However over time it can get very dull and I need to do something to break it up.

Going out yesterday gave me a nice mental health day if you want to call it that. It was something different from my norm as well as being something I enjoyed. I learned something and got to wander around the museum. I also love food so going and getting something that I don't have to find and make myself is such a relief. Getting to wander around the CBD as well as Sylvia Park gave me something else to do and I observe everything around me, the people, shops etc.

Yesterday was a great day (a part from the trains *sigh*) and as always I need a couple of days at home to recover but that's ok, I like being by myself and thinking of ideas for the blogs + YouTube. This is most creative I've been in a while and I'm enjoying it.

Ashley xx

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