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Books to Read in June

I'm pretty sure I've read more books this year than in the last four years, books for essays do not count. I've fallen back in love with reading and I'm always excited to see what new releases there are. Since I've stopped studying I have yearned for the odd book about an artist, movement or museum. I've come to realise I just love to learn and research, however I won't miss the assignments. Once again I overestimated last month so there's a repeated book which I will for sure get to this month.

Girls on Fire - Robin Wasserman*
I'm really excited to start this book, it sounds amazing. The story follows Hannah Dexter who is bullied by Nikki Drummond. In their junior year of high school Nikki's boyfriend commits suicide and Hannah befriends Lacey who turns good girl Hannah to rebel Dex. It looks into the lives of adolescent females which is a theme I'm really interested in.

This book was recommended by Britney as well as Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert which I am yet to get. The book focuses on helping girls find their passion and purpose in life as well as finding out who they are. I've so far only scanned through the chapters but I've seen that they all cover issues which I deal with on the daily so I'm really excited to start reading.

Yellow Brick War - Danielle Paige*
The carry over from last month. This book is kind of like a sequel only things aren't doing so well in Oz and Dorothy is no longer a saviour. Good is Wicked, Wicked is Good and it's up to Amy Gumm to stop Dorothy from destroying Oz as well as Kansas. The story sounds fascinating, I can't wait to start reading.

Queen of Hears - Colleen Oakes*
Alice in Wonderland is another classic which I am fascinated with so when this turned up saying I was excited was a understatement. The book is a prequel, Alice has yet fallen down the rabbit hole. The story follows Princess Dinah who will one day become the Queen of Hearts. She must stay ahead of her enemies or she'll lose not just her crown - it will be off with her head.

What's on your reading list in June?

Ashley xx

*Review copies sent from Hachette NZ & HarperCollins NZ. This post contains affiliate links

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