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NOTD | Essie Parka Perfect + Stroke of Brilliance + I'm Addicted

Today was such a grey day that I decided to brighten it up by introducing some blue to my nails. To makes things more interesting I used two blue shades and a blue glitter, triple blue to make up for the lack of it today.

I've always been into doing a feature nail on each hand. I like how striking it is and makes it less plain. Parka Perfect is on all my nails a part from one. The feature nail is I'm Addicted and Stroke of Brilliance on top, I love how bright the blue is and wanted to highlight it even more with some glitter. Parka Perfect already has some shimmer to it so the glitter enhances it.

I'm getting to the stage where I'm lacking inspiration with the shades I own, this leads to looking at other colours which only gets me into trouble.

Do you own these shades? What combinations do you wear?

Ashley xx

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